Monday, April 19, 2010

Landscaping and Patio Idea's

One of the hottest trend in outdoor living, is Fire.
Here the homeowner incorporated a natural stone fireplace
with Bella Stone Pavers and Highland Free Standing Wall.

Again, the use of an outdoor firpit, along with Bella Vista Pavers.

Creating a place to entertain....

Elevation change, giving you different "outdoor rooms."

A Raised patio, using Highland Stone Wall.

Using cobble and grass elements to create a soft natural feel.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hardscape Dealers for Retaining Wall and Pavers in St. Louis

Looking for a place to buy your retaining wall or pavers for your project?

HardscapeSTL dealers are located throughout the St. Louis metro area. Come learn from the best in the industry, unlike those home centers that hire part-timers for summer, HardscapeStL dealers have the most educated, experienced sales staff with years of experience.

It's simple: Select to right product for your project, plan your project, find help and do-it yourself or find a local installer.

For your next Retaining Wall or Paver project can help.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Laying Base for Retaining Walls

Installing your base for your retaining wall is the most important step for both aesthetics and performance. After your leveling pad has been installed, (see last blog post) you can begin installing the base for your wall.

Start by running a string line along the back of where your wall will begin. Start at the lowest point, removing the lips on the bottom row for easier installation. Place the blocks side by side, flush against one another. Level the block front to back, then side to side, also check to ensure multiple blocks remain level as your build. When needed, step the blocks up one course, avoid sloping the units.