Monday, May 11, 2009

Color/Texture/Pattern with Retaining Wall

The hottest trend in Retaining Wall right now has to be Color/Texture/Pattern. It doesn't matter if you're creating residential patio's for entertainment, Large structural walls for development or small flower box retaining walls. The name of the game is- color, texture, pattern. The days of straight split, boring grey walls are diminishing and are being replaced with blended colors, different face textures and multiple patterns.
Here is an example of the Anchor Highland Stone being used in a structural residential wall project. The contractor used the Highland 6"/3" to create the elevations change to home owners wanted, then used the Highland Free Standing Wall to create intimacy and boundary's.

Again, a structural wall being used to help with elevation issues this homeowner needed, but the multiple sizes and rustic texture of the Highland 6"/3" help make this an inviting landscape feature, not simply a structural necessity.

Homeowners are looking for materials
to help create the outdoor "rooms" they can use for entertainment.

This project used the Anchor Highland 6",
but also capitalized on the blended colors to accent the residence.