Monday, May 4, 2009

How Geo-Grid Works for Retaining Wall

Almost all Structural Retaining Walls over the 3-4 foot high mark, require Geo Grid for long term design. Whether it's Keystone, Versa Lok, Rockwood or Anchor Retaining Wall--they all require geo-synthetic.

While the concept is similar to "dead-men" in tie wall retaining walls, the Geo grid unifies the soil mass behind the retaining wall. The concrete retaining wall then really becomes an erosion control mechanism.
Thank goodness for the elements of mother nature, because without her, no concrete block would be required.

Example: How the Geo grid works with the Segmental Retaining Wall.

The wood form (which concrete retaining wall acts as the from during construction) is our form & We add the soil/ rock back fill, just like in the field.

Then we add a "load", which could be a house, pool, car etc....
.....See how the soil spreads out.

Then we add Geo Grid to the soil mass and apply the same load.

See how the Geo Grid unifies the soil.

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Anchor Retaining Wall Systems

Note: not all Geo grid perform the same, deviating from a design or buying the cheapest grid could have costly consequences. The cost for fixing, or re-building a structural retaining wall can be 2 to 3X the original cost. Consult your local engineering firm or contact your local manufacturer with specific questions.