Monday, June 15, 2009

Multiple size, textured and tumbled.....

The customers have spoken and there's been a shift.
Gone are the days of traditional, commodity paver products-the 4x8 hollands and 2pc cobbles sets. End users are now looking for multiple sizes, random appearance, textured and/or tumbled products.

Our sales of these products have grown at amazing rates, while the traditional Bella Stone pavers still get requested, 75% of our sales are now tumbled or multi-piece pavers such as Bella Vista Rustic.

The local dealers are stocking and displaying these products and contractors are urging the consumers to utilize these products. ICPI indicates this trend will continue to increase, as the midwest continues to play catch-up to the east/west coast trends.....

ps- Free Standing Wall products are an easy up-sell to any project. Create a boundary and additional seating areas on your same base you've prepared for your pavers.

Turn that $2,000 patio project into $3,500
with little additional effort and high returns to your bottom line.

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