Monday, June 1, 2009


Disclaimer: We don't sell paver sealer, We don't make paver sealer, We don't distribute paver sealers, but we do recommend it!

Contractor: If you're installing Interlocking Pavers (like Bella Stone Pavers) and not including or upselling a paver sealer, you're missing a golded opportunity....One, it's a easy sell before, during or after your install so increase that final ticket and profit while you're on the job. Two, It's easy to do- enough said. Three, it makes any job look GREAT, so it will help lead to new jobs!

There are a number of quality paver sealers out there, but be warned--you get what you pay for. So we'd recommend you do a little research and find a company that will stand behind there product for a limited period.

Homeowner: Sealing your final Paver project gives the product more "pop" and helps reduce fading over time from the sun. It's relatively inexpensive and you can easily do it yourself.